Rare Creme Eggs Worth Thousands Of Dollars Are Making Everyone Freak Out

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Rare Creme Eggs Worth Thousands Of Dollars Are Making Everyone Freak Out


The company behind those delicious Creme Eggs took a page out of Willy Wonka's playbook, and it's driving customers bonkers.

Since Christmas, you've probably noticed the stores near you are swapping out their holiday decorations for Easter goodies. Whether or not you think it's "too early" to move on, we'll admit we love being able to buy Cadbury Creme Eggs again.

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This year, the company has switched things up by offering a white chocolate version of their classic treat. But there's a catch that's making these eggs fly off the shelf.

Only between 350 and 400 white Creme Eggs are being delivered to stores, and they'll be hard to spot. The white eggs are packaged almost exactly like the regular eggs. Here's where things get interesting: if you manage to find a white egg, it'll be worth your while.

Each egg is worth at least $136, while certain special eggs are worth $1,355. And one (just one) grand prize egg is worth $2,700 to its lucky owner.

And people are getting desperate trying to track down these eggs.

Sadly, as of now the white egg contest is only running in the UK. But British eggheads are sharing their tips to spot the treats, in case the contest travels overseas in the next few months.

Home Truths

Cadbury made things a little easier by revealing which stores will stock which kinds of prize eggs. Only a certain amount of $1,300 eggs will be released each week, and only at specific stores. And the grand prize $2,700 egg can only be found at the UK's Co-op grocery chain.

But the small numbers haven't stopped customers - and even employees - from looking for the eggs. A lot of shoppers are sharing pictures of egg bins that have clearly been rifled through by prize hunters.

Some egg hunters have even cracked the secret to spotting a white egg in the wild: checking the ingredients list.

By law, the nutritional information and ingredients on a food product has to be correct. So the first ingredient on a prize egg would be "white chocolate" instead of the standard "milk chocolate."

Simple, but it's still fun to go out and hunt for that "Golden Ticket."

Hopefully Cadbury brings this contest overseas soon!

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