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The Real Problem With Taking Your Phone Into The Bathroom

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Some say we are addicted to our technology, but it's all about finding a balance between reality and the online world.

If you own a smart phone, then you know how easy it is to organize your life, connect with people, and stay entertained at any point in the day. You can catch up with friends while in bed, listen to music on your way to work, and yes, even read this article on the toilet.

A lot of people have opinions on this, with some people saying it's gross to touch your phone in the bathroom, others are very candid on the subject.

So what's the verdict?

Well, it is true that you can pick up a lot of germs just by entering the bathroom, especially a public washroom. But if you don't touch anything before picking up your phone is it okay?

Besides from dropping your expensive phone into the toilet, the biggest problem with using your mobile while immobile actually has to do with mental health.

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