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Recall Alert: You Probably Have This Frozen Pizza In Your Freezer

The US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced a massive recall of 21,000 pounds of frozen pizzas due to listeria contamination.

Marketside supreme pizzas have been recalled by the RBR Meat Company due to the deadly bacteria.

The pizzas were sold at select Walmart locations which mean thousands of Americans likely have contaminated pizzas in their homes.


The USDA listed the recall as a Class 1 meaning there's a "reasonable probability" that you'll get sick if you eat these pizzas.

Listeria causes listeriosis, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women and older people. It causes fevers, muscle aches and stomach problems.

If you've eaten the pizza and are experiencing these symptoms then go to the hospital immediately. If you've purchased the pizza throw it out.

Marketside Pizza

The pizzas in question have lot code 20547 and are labeled Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizza.

Listeriosis kills about 260 people every year in the US according to the CDC.

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