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Remember Anne Geddes' Baby Photos? The Photographer Shares How Her Models Look Today

You may not know her name, but you've definitely seen her work before. Australian photographer Anne Geddes' baby pictures have been featured on greeting cards, television ads, and in her calendars, which have sold more than 13 million copies worldwide. Odds are there's still one of her classic pictures hanging in your doctor's office.

Since her first photo album Down in the Garden was released in 1996, Geddes has traveled the world, continuing to photograph adorable newborns.

But the photographer has also opened up the vault, revealing what some of her original models look like today.

BABY, LOOK AT YOU NOW! Look what cute little yellow chicks turn in to! 22 years ago when I was shooting for my first book "Down in the Garden", sweet little Brittany came to the studio with a yellow pacifier firmly in place, and she had that look on her face as if to say "remove it at your peril" 😳 So I just went with the flow, thinking what a stroke of luck that it was the perfect color! She was just learning to sit so we propped her up underneath with a soft foam pad. Here's Brittany today a beautiful bride at her March 2016 wedding. She works in aged care, assisting the elderly in their own homes on the Gold Coast, Australia. Congratulations Brittany - you look gorgeous 😍 I have some wedding news as well - my own daughter Stephanie is getting married this weekend too so I'll be mother of the bride for the 2nd time! Over the year I'll be regularly posting updates on where my earlier babies are today, so if you were one of those babies and you'd like to take part I'd love to hear from you at Send a recent photo of yourself and tell me a little about what you're doing today. Brittany's wedding photo by @kissthegroomphotography XOAnne #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby #babylookatyounow #downinthegarden

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Geddes' photos always conjured up a lot of strong emotions, but these mainly make us feel old!

Still, it's pretty interesting to see what Geddes models look like these days. She also shares a little biographical info about their life, and some of them are very accomplished.

One is getting his master's degree, another competed at the Rio Olympics, and one girl even became an intern for Geddes!

BABY, LOOK AT YOU NOW! Remember this sweet little pansy baby from my first book "Down in the Garden"? Well here's Gracie today - 22 years old, with a passion for the arts. For the past 7 years she has performed on "The Revolution Tour" based out of her church in New Zealand. For 2 weeks each year they visit and perform at schools throughout the country with an anti bullying campaign and a goal to spread hope to victims. From Gracie ... "It's such a privilege to have been given an opportunity to influence and give hope to so many young people. To build relationships with them year after year and see how they've grown is so special, and so inspiring! I'm passionate about my generation and the generation to come, and love to do every little bit I can - especially when it's so much fun!" Well done to you Gracie! I share your passion! And if you were one of the babies in my early images I'd love to hear from you as well - send a recent photo and tell me your story at XOAnne #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby #babylookatyounow

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1994 was a very good year! And tiny twins Brooke and Starcia were 8 months old when I photographed them in a Slipper Orchid for "Down in the Garden". I remember them at the shoot because they had the cutest eyebrows for little babies and totally identical expressions. Hmmm ... BABIES, LOOK AT YOU NOW! The girls are now known as @theoneilltwins and work in the entertainment industry - they love love love singing, dancing and acting. They're recording artists who have danced for Jennifer Lopez, opened for Ciara, opened and danced for Stan Walker (am I getting old? Who are some of these people?), featured in New Zealand's 1st ever dance film "Born to Dance", signed with Sony Music NZ and have danced for The Royal Family, Request Dance Crew! I think I want to lay claim to sowing the creative seed for these two 22 years ago! Well done to you girls - I love the videos on your website too! Each week in this ongoing series I'll be posting one of my early iconic images, with pics and news of what the babies are doing today. So if you were one of those babies and you'd like to take part, I'd love to hear from you at Send a recent photo and tell me a little about what you've been up to XOAnne #protectnurturelove #babylookatyounow #annegeddesbaby #beautifulbabies

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BABY, LOOK AT YOU NOW! Here's another blast from the past - way back in those frantic days of shooting for greeting cards - and look what one of my little Easter bunnies has grown in to - a handsome 23 year old! From Helen (Danyon's mother) "Danyon was a baby Easter bunny in 1994. His bunny suit was too small and he burst out of it. Now he is 23 and 6'4"! Still photogenic! At secondary school he played football and was keeper for several years as well as the Captain of the first eleven. In his final year he was Head Boy. He is currently doing his Masters in Public Health at the University of Auckland. He also rows competitively for Auckland Rowing Club. When not doing these things he is conquering the ancient world or at the beach. He loves cats and has been known to rescue stray kittens". Spoken like a true mum Helen! You must be super proud. Oh and Danyon - now all your friends will know you were the sweet little bunny all those years ago ☺️. I'm regularly posting new images for this series so if you were one of "my" early babies and you'd like to take part just contact me at - send a fav recent pic of yourself and tell me what you're up to these days - I love hearing from you all 😍 XOAnne #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby #smallworld #annegeddespaint #babylookatyounow

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BABY, LOOK AT YOU NOW! Way back in 1994 sweet little 2 week old Erin became a "Toadstool Fairy" for my first coffee table book "Down in the Garden". And here's Erin today - 22 years old and enjoying life in Wellington, New Zealand. With a strong passion for environmental issues, Erin took part in a Sir Peter Blake Leadership Course and at 17 was invited to be a youth delegate for New Zealand at the Rio+20 Sustainability Conference in Brazil. She went on to complete an Environmental Science and Biology Degree with The University of Auckland! Way to go Erin - I too am passionate about nature and environmental issues - in fact everyone should be! Nature has been my inspiration since the beginning of my 30 year career - have you noticed that Mother Nature never gets her colors wrong? Everybody seems to be loving my posts from this series and I've loved hearing from some of my "early babies" - if you were in one of my images and you'd like to take part - write to me at and tell me what you're up to these days - don't forget to attach a recent fav photo of yourself. By the way, Erin's full image is in my new @taschen book "Small World" XOAnne #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby #smallworld #babylookatyounow

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Doesn't this make you want to dig up your old baby photos?

If you want to see more throwback photos and some of Geddes' new snapshots, you can follow her on Instagram.

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