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7 Natural Ways To Remove Stretch Marks Fast At Home

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When our skin rapidly stretches, it causes stretch marks. This usually happens because of growth or weight gain.

I don't know anyone who doesn't have these lines on their body. I also don't know anyone who doesn't complain about it.

If you're looking for a simple, natural way to get rid of stretch marks fast, read these seven ways you can tackle one of your biggest worries:

1. Baby Oil

Right when you come out of the shower, dry your skin and massage baby oil anywhere you have stretch marks. Do not dry the oil off, let it absorb into your skin for best results. The nutrients in baby oil keeps your skin soft, which will diminish the appearance of your stretch marks overtime.

2. Baking Soda

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and the juice of one lemon to form a paste. Apply this on your stretch marks, and put plastic wrap over it. Make sure no air gets in. Then, let it sit for half an hour and wash with warm water. Baking soda will lighten your stretch marks and remove any dead skin.

3. Cocoa Butter

This one is my favorite ways to get rid of stretch marks because the mixture smells so good! Combine 1/2 cup of cocoa butter with one tablespoon of apricot, vitamin E, kernel, and wheat germ oil. Melt two teaspoons of beeswax and apply it to the mixture. Put it in a sealed container in your refrigerator. Once cold, massage your mixture onto your stretch marks. Apply this at least twice a day for best results.

These next ones work the best!

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