Researchers Discover New Life-Changing Treatment For Hot Flashes

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Researchers Discover New Life-Changing Treatment For Hot Flashes

It's not easy being a woman. We spend a good portion of our lives dealing with menstruation and all the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany it.

Then as we age, we start to go through the struggles of menopause which also comes with a set of symptoms including poor sleep, weight fluctuations, fatigue, mood changes, low libido and of course hot flashes.

About 75% of women experience these flashes during perimenopause and menopause. The intense heat, flushed face and sweat beads are caused by the change in estrogen levels in the body and can occur multiple times a day.

Although there are recommended medicinal and non-medicinal ways to manage these frequent flashes of heat, none have been nearly as effective as the new drug compound, MLE4901.

Researchers at Imperial College London held a trial during which they administered the drug to 28 women who suffered severe hot flashes. The results showed that new drug cut the number of flashes by 73% and lowered their severity by blocking a receptor in the brain.

"It was so exciting to see the lives of those who participated in the study become transformed when their flushes improved once taking the new drug," said Dr. Julia Prague, one of the study's authors. "They could sleep through the night, and be less embarrassed in the daytime; they told me they felt "˜human again.'"

Although the study is in its early stages, the researchers are hopeful that once the safety of the drug is determined, it could be "practice-changing" and eventually be available to every woman who needs it as an alternative to the risky hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

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