Residential proxies as a way to improve your marketing research

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Residential proxies as a way to improve your marketing research

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Proxy services are universal for many spheres of business and online activities. They allow for considerable benefits in team management, data scraping, and other undertakings. They are particularly helpful for marketing research and strategy development because there are many opportunities that proxies offer to save time and effort. How does it work, and why are private residential proxies in the list of the best options for this purpose?

Why are proxies helpful for business in general?

To realize why proxy servers are good tools for business, let’s look at how they work. The main principle of how any proxy works – is performing as a mediator between the user and a website. In a more specific description, it happens as follows:

  1. A user tries to connect to the web service to see some information. Thus, they send a request from their device (it includes the baseline information about the network, device, location, and other info necessary for a website to work appropriately).
  2. Without a proxy, this request goes straight to the web host, where all the data is processed and responded to accordingly. But as a middleman stands between the two parties, it receives the request before the host and completes operations based on the proxy manager settings.
  3. After the data has been hidden or changed, the server passes the request further to the web host. It processes the data and responds.
  4. The proxy gets the information that comes back first to check it out for malicious content. If something goes wrong, the service helps filter unnecessary details out or does not allow the information to pass.
  5. The user sees the final result according to how the previous steps happened.

Depending on the quality of proxy servers, web hosts can deny access to the information on the website. This aspect also determines whether the providers gather personal data for future usage.

Many aspects depend on which proxies you use and where you take them from.

How do they distinguish proxies?

As people require mediators for various purposes, various typologies exist that distinguish proxies by their characteristic features. Those the most widespread include the following classifications.

By reward you give:

  • free – are risky as there are questionable aspects like backend development or server maintenance that impact the connection quality;
  • paid – require money to allow access to high-quality servers.

By what access people have to the servers:

  • private – suggest only one person using the IP;
  • shared – allow many people to use the same address.

By how addresses are changed:

  • static – providing access to an address as long as it’s available;
  • rotating – can change according to the settings or after becoming unavailable.

By where the IPs came from:

  • residential – are named so because they belong to the devices of regular people giving providers access to their IPs for remuneration or free options;
  • mobile – real and assigned to mobile devices;
  • database – randomly created by a special generator.

These forms can combine and create more favorable conditions for some online activities. It allows for providing an extended field for conducting professional actions and completing tasks faster with no loss in quality.

What use cases are the best for residential proxies?

Residential proxies can be static or rotating, private or shared. If we talk about marketing tasks, they often require high privacy and anonymity levels and must be reliable for the most significant data collection tasks.

For example, if we take a private residential IP, we can use it best for checking out the advertising work or the website availability. Rotating residentials are more convenient for data scraping, reputation management, or speed testing. Moreover, much depends on which territories you specialize your business in. Thus, if you develop your business rapidly, it’s better to choose a flexible service that can adapt its offer according to your needs.

If you have not chosen yet, pay attention to SOAX. This provider gives you ample room for marketing research and many other tasks requiring improved safety and anonymity. The company can also allow for adaptable pricing – you don’t need to overpay for the services you don’t use, so you get exactly what you need. Check out more opportunities on the website!

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