Love Astrology 2019 - Return of the Ex, New Love or Twin flame

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Return of the Ex, New Love, Betrayal - Your Love Astrology for March 2019

Love Horoscopes and Predictions for March 2019.

Whether you are seeing someone, single or looking for love, March is sure to be a wild month for all the signs.

The Mercury Retrograde (March 5 to March 28) could make it a rough time to be looking for love as communication may prove to be a challenge this month. However there are some of you who may find exactly what you are looking for, while others will be purging and moving on from toxic relationships and making space for something better.

People tend to run and hide when Mercury is in retrograde because everything seems to go wrong during this period. But the retrograde often offers many silver linings. It's a time to learn new lessons, reflect on what's in your life, and see clearly what it is you need to get rid of. If you have any issues that need to be dealt with, Mercury Retrograde brings those issues to the surface and forces you to deal with them. It can be a painful period for some, but also something that you can look back on and be extremely grateful that it happened.

In the area of love, many of you, no matter what your sign, have been feeling pretty sensitive and a bit stressed out this time of year. Some of you have been searching for love, some of you may finally be getting lucky in love, while some of you just need to give love a chance.

Here is the love astrology for each sign and what the month of March has in store for each of you starting with:

Leo - They secretly want you, but they're pretending like they don't.

The person that you've been giving a lot of your attention to isn't giving you much in return. It might just be a difference in love languages - they show affection differently than how you do. If that is the case, then give them some time. Miscommunication tends to happen a lot during a Mercury Retrograde.

Unfortunately for some of you, your love interest is just not seeing your true worth, but what's most important is that YOU see your own worth Leo. So don't go chasing someone who doesn't see your value. Redirect all that love you have and place it on yourself. Once you do, you'll glow with an energy that others will notice and you can forget about the one who didn't.

It's also possible that the person you're dealing with is just either unsure or too afraid to reveal their true feelings for you. Perhaps they've just gotten out of a bad relationship or several bad relationships and now they are bringing that negative energy towards you. You will have to ask yourself if that is what you want... someone who keeps holding back or someone who will go all in with you?

Aries - Lots of attention coming your way but you're still stuck on that one person...

There are a lot of eyes on you this month Aries. Whether you notice it or not, there are people, old and new, paying a lot of attention to you. They're stalking your social media, they're asking about you, they're swiping right. And while this can be quite flattering Aries, be careful - the energies that are moving towards you are both good, bad, and some even toxic.

But even with all this attention coming your way, some of you might still be stuck on someone from your past. You may have been played, cheated on, they might have walked away, or they just wanted your attention and once they got it, they left and you're still not over it yet.

Whoever it is, you're dealing with an immature, selfish energy and the sad part is that part of you knew that from the beginning, but you ignored all the red flags and jumped in anyways.

Hopefully you've learned your lesson Aries and you won't make the same mistake again, because this month, that person will be reappearing. It might just be in your thoughts and dreams or they might actually reach out to you. As the saying goes "sometimes God brings an ex back into your life to see if you're still stupid." Don't fall for it Aries! By going back to the old, you could be blocking what's new and better for you.

Be picky with who you give your time and attention to this month Aries and enjoy all the new love coming your way.

Sagittarius - New love opportunities and the end of an old, one-sided relationship.

Either you or the person you've been dealing with is slowly falling out of love and moving on from a current situation. If it's you, you're starting to distance yourself from them. You may have come to realize that the relationship was too one-sided and you were the one putting in all the effort while the other person took you for granted. If this is the case, you're better off without them Sagittarius! It might have been difficult in the past, but you're slowly getting over them and moving on to bigger and better things. Some of you might already be talking to someone else ;)

If you are coming out of an unfulfilling relationship, make sure to forgive, wish them the best and move on. That relationship, as painful as it was, was meant to teach you some valuable lessons. Don't carry that pain with you Sagittarius. Take the high road and you will be blessed with good, positive Karma that you will bring with you to your next relationship - which could be exactly what you've asked for.

Capricorn - Someone from your past makes an appearance.

There is someone from your past that is trying to sneak their way back into your life. They could be lighting up your phone or they're secretly stalking you on social media. However they're doing it, they want back into your life OR it could be vice versa Capricorn. You could be the one who wants to re-ignite that old flame.

While it's not impossible, Mercury Retrograde is not an ideal time to be getting back together with someone. This person hasn't changed Capricorn. They might be saying all the right things but pay attention to their actions. It could fizzle out just as quickly as it gets started so beware!

Right now your focus should be on healing and grounding yourself. The past few weeks or even months have been rough on some of you and you haven't been yourself. This could be the month that you start to feel like you again. Go find yourself first Capricorn, and the one you want will eventually find you.

Taurus - Love finds you while you are focusing on others things.

This month Taurus, you're all about letting go of whatever is no longer serving you and while all the other signs are running around, stressing out about their lives right now, you are just sitting back and living your best life like a true Taurus. You're focusing on you and your career right now and funny enough, that ambition and self love is making you look very attractive in the eyes of others.

Sure there will be some challenges, but you're not going to let it get to you and because of that, you won't be burdened by the past or other toxic energies that during the month of March, can be a little extra; especially with the Mercury Retrograde taking place. With this positive, grounded mindset, you are vibrating confidence and setting yourself up for love.

If you are single and looking for love, the message for this month is to shift your focus. Focus on self love. Focus on living your best life. Don't chase love. Love will find you when you're ready.

Virgo - Struggling at the start, beaming with love and confidence by the end of the month.

For the past little while, many of you might have been feeling frustrated not just by your own love life but with dating and relationships in general. You might be feeling a little down on yourself Virgo. You're tired of being mistreated and misunderstood. You're tired of getting your hopes up and then being disappointed.

Either you or the person you are dealing with is turning their back and acting very cold. Some of you might have decided to just take a break and go into hibernation mode for a bit. Some of you have gone so far as to completely cut out the negative influences in your life. And now that they're gone, this could be the month love finds you Virgo.

My best advice Virgo - recognize that you are the creator of your own successes and failures. The energy and vibes that you are putting out is being returned to you. So start putting out some love and positive vibes. Treat yourself better and other people will start treating you better.

Not everyone is going to get you or love you but that's OK. Keep being who you are. Don't allow those jerks from your past mess up a good thing in your future. Be true to who you are, love yourself and eventually the right one will find you. Good things are coming Virgo.

Aquarius - It's time to walk away from that which is draining you.

Some of you might recently have gotten involved in something that seemed great at the beginning, but has become a bit of a burden as of late. And who's fault is that Aquarius? Perhaps it's them being a bit too needy for your time and attention or maybe it's you putting too much focus on the love and relationship part of your life, while not paying enough attention to the other areas.

Whatever it is Aquarius, it's draining and it's thrown you way off balance. You could be feeling trapped to a situation that is no longer serving you and it's time to walk away. But will you? Aquarians have a bit of a reputation of being a stubborn sign.

Some of you might be lying to yourself and choosing to stay in something that will only bring you and the people around you more pain. This doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic relationship, it could be a toxic friendship or a job that you hate.

The longer you stay in this unhealthy situation, the more overwhelming it will become. Let it go and make room for something healthier. Something beautiful is waiting for you Aquarius but your attachment to the past is blocking this wonderful thing from manifesting in your future.

Libra - Painful truths and true intentions are revealed.

If you've been connecting with an individual and getting mixed signals, it's probably because they are holding back and not sure how to express their true intentions to you.

This month however, things start to get clearer and the truth will come out. Either they're finally honest with you or you find out on your own. However it happens, you will realize that your initial gut instincts were right all along. Always trust your gut Libra.

In the month of March, you're learning from your past mistakes and you are looking for more stability in your relationships. You're done with the games and people coming in and out of your life when it's convenient for them. You're purging Libra and you are evolving. Some of you might be recognizing patterns and recurring themes in your past relationships, and you're no longer wanting to repeat these things in your future relationships. It won't be an easy month for you Libra but hang in there... you are going to be just fine.

Gemini - They come clean. Secrets and lies are revealed this month.

Oh boy... things are getting a little crazy and downright stressful this time of year for you Gemini. Some secrets that were being kept hidden from you OR secrets that you were trying to keep hidden are now surfacing and being exposed... and when it all comes out... an apology probably won't be enough. If it's you that was lying and sneaking around Gemini, the best thing to do is come clean, take responsibility and hope for forgiveness. If it's someone else that is lying to you... well you ALREADY know the truth don't you Gemini? So if this person keeps lying to you, you will know it and it's time to cut them off.

For some of you Gemini, you might be dealing with someone who's a bit detached and there's a lack of communication between the two of you. They're busy doing their own thing, living their own life, and it might feel like they've forgotten about you, BUT you are on their mind. The problem is that there are obstacles in the way - a lack of trust, a busy schedule or even another person getting in the way. Don't force it. If it was meant to be and if they care, they will come to you Gemini.

Cancer - Someone you obsessed about in the past... you are slowly realizing that they're not what you want at all.

Either you or the person you're dealing with just can't make up your minds Cancer! There's a lot of back and forth. One day you want to work on it, the next day you feel like it's become a drain on your life and you just want to end it and move on.

The best course of action right now Cancer is to stop obsessing, stop trying to control the outcome and have faith in divine timing - allowing the Universe to figure out the details and trusting that the right thing will happen when it's supposed to happen. Easier said than done for a Cancer - to just let go and have faith, but the answer won't come by stressing yourself out over it. You've become a bit too attached to this person or thing, and you are learning that the more you detach, the happier you will be.

Instead, put that time and energy on yourself. Get to the gym, eat right, have a night out. Just focus on being happy right now and watch what finds its way into your life...

Pisces - Sometimes Karma is the person they end up with!

You are already an emotional sign Pisces, but this month could have you feeling extra sensitive and emotional. Something isn't working between you and another person ... you might be feeling a little betrayed but still you're having a tough time letting them go. You're stuck between moving on or fighting to keep the relationship alive and you just can't make up your mind.

But you also might be getting mixed signals from someone as well Pisces. Maybe they're hot and cold. Maybe you've recently broken up and they want to remain friends but the feelings are still there. Or it's possible they are using jealousy to get your attention. Whatever it is, it could be leaving you confused and the Mercury Retrograde just makes it worse.

My advice - The end of a relationship can be a great opportunity for personal growth. Same goes for when something doesn't work out the way you wanted it to. Take some time to self reflect and learn the lessons life has provided for you. If you've been hurt, don't waste your time trying to get back at them. Let karma do the dirty work for you. Whatever pain or negative energy they brought you will eventually come right back to them multiplied!

Scorpio - Getting over pain of the past. New love opportunities abound.

Lately some past hurt has been weighing heavy on your mind and you can't seem to stop thinking about it. You might be lacking some closure with a previous partner or love interest, or you might just be feeling a little bit bored with your love life right now. Currently there is little to no communication between you and the person you're dealing with, but they are thinking about you... they're just not reaching out to you. It's time for you to either take action and get the answers or closure you are looking for, or accept the fact that it's not going to work and it's time to move on. There may be a reconciliation period between you and this past person, possibly an ex, but if you are secretly hoping to get back together with them... it probably won't happen, or it won't last.

Often in life, we have to experience the extreme lows to really appreciate the highs. Well you've gone through the lows, some of you might still be going through it... but good news Scorpio, things are about to start getting better. A LOT better if and only if you can find the strength to move on and drop all that toxic energy that you've been clinging to. If you can find the strength to do so, you will be soon be rewarded with exactly what you want - so make sure you are clear on what you want. Focus on that and it will soon manifest in your life.