Review of the Most Popular Dating Apps of 2022

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Review of the Most Popular Dating Apps of 2022

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The world of dating is not as easy as many people think and for someone who has been in a relationship or stayed too long outside the dating cycle, it can be overwhelming when starting out again. Connecting to people is not that simple but with the help of apps it is possible to find someone to interact with. But, most find it challenging knowing exactly which dating apps to download. There are different dating apps and while some are meant for short-term relationships, others encourage engagement among people before meeting up for a cup of coffee or dinner date. But you’ll always find something suited for whatever need you might have.

If you are not searching for romance, there are dating apps that focus on connecting you to people who share your interests. For those searching for a more serious commitment, especially one that leads to marriage, the best dating apps can not only help you find new friends but also start a more serious relationship with marriage as the end goal. All you need to do is to clearly define what you're looking for. Is it someone for companionship or just a fling and then choose the best apps for this? Check out some of the best online dating apps of 2022 known to provide results for those in the dating arena. Most have features aimed at enabling you to forge relationships on different levels done via tools such as video chats. Below are some of the most popular dating apps in 2022.


Match is a great choice especially for serious daters who aim at ending their dating phase in marriage. The app provides you with information about potential matches.

But, similar to any other app, it has some disadvantages which include conversations only with choices presented to you by Match, limiting features such as only a preview option for free users and no access to matches or messages. Only premium members have access to unlimited messaging, likes, who has viewed your profile, and more.

Since it’s mainly for people who are looking for serious relationships, you must pay for membership. Upon signing you have to enter your name, height and age, whether you are single or want kids or not, and if you smoke. You’ll also answer the question “What makes you the happiest?” by selecting different answers from concerts, cooking, blogging, sports, and more. Finally, specify what you’re looking for in a partner.


With Bumble, women make the first move and message men first and are allowed 24 hours to respond before the connection disappears forever, though you can get a 24-hour extension. The app allows you to make new friends or line up dates and connect.

It’s easy to connect with multiple people at once via the app. Since women start the conversation, they also get to choose the topic. It’s also location based and thus displays connections near you.

Being a women based app, there’s more harassment with men responding in uncomfortable ways. Also, fewer men list information about themselves.

If you are not looking for dates the app has a separate section for making business contacts.


Similar to Match, Hinge is also a great dating app for people searching for more serious relationships. The app gives you a limited number of connections a day.

You can easily share more information about people, such as likes and dislikes. All this information is focused on creating more meaningful conversations and establishing a strong relationship. It can also easily connect users with people within the neighbourhood they have chosen. Another good thing about the app is that it shows you more information about people and in case you’re uncomfortable meeting strangers or don’t feel that they are the right fit you can choose other people. You will get more information on people’s neighbourhood, age, hometown, height, job, and college.

But, unlike other apps two people trying to connect don’t have to agree to match before a message can be sent. Someone can message you an opener and get the conversation going.

The free version only offers a limited number of matches. You have to pay to upgrade and get better matches.  

Whether you’re searching for friendship or want to build a stronger relationship leading to marriage, with the help of the best dating apps, you can find the right partner. A good and reliable dating app will enable you to meet and interact with people from different spheres of life. Dating apps have also advanced in terms of securing you and your details by including security checks making the world of online dating safer and better than it was before.

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