"Rim-Roller" Divides Canadians Everywhere


"Rim-Roller" Divides Canadians Everywhere

Roll Up The Rim is a Canadian time of celebration.

Year after year, when Roll Up is announced, shrieks of excitement are heard across the country.

Statuses start flocking your Facebook timeline: "1/4" "5/9" "15/27" are like battle cries, letting everyone know you are in it to WIN IT.

Part of the fun is the battle of rolling up that damn rim. It's as though they super-glue that sucker down juuuuust to make it harder.

But now, the most Canadian of inventions has come out: The Rimroller.

Ottawa-based inventor, Paul Kindm invented this simple tool that hooks to your keychain and helps you win that free coffee.

Here's the product decision:

This product makes it easy to check for prize statements hidden under the rims of paper coffee cups in various contests. Essentially a curved clip with two integral (covered) blades, it slices the cup rim twice (1-1/8"³ apart) when pushed down, and an internal lip unrolls the paper edge when it's pulled up. Push, pull and you're done.

Kind brought the idea to Dragon's Den, but no one bit. Not to worry, though. Lee Valley Tools has picked up the product and sell it for under $3.

Kind says the Rimroller is a "well-designed, and well-manufactured product at a very reasonable price. [It's] one of those products that just [delights] people when they [use] it."

But WOW, this device divides Canadians everywhere.

Some people say it's a great invention, while others firmly believe the "squish, bite, push" method is the best.

So which side are you on? Does using a tool take the fun out of it? Or is it a helpful way to win quicker?

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