Rob Lowe Slams Bella Thorne After Insensitive Tweet About The California Mudslides

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Rob Lowe Slams Bella Thorne After Insensitive Tweet About The California Mudslides

After a terrible drought and horrifying wildfires ravaged the state of California, flash flooding caused massive mudslides. The natural disaster has claimed more than 17 people, including children, as debris, mud, and water, hit Santa Barbara. According to officials, more than 43 people have been reported missing due to the mudslides, and rescue operations have been underway for 24 hours a day.

Among those in the affected areas is actor Rob Lowe, who was also evacuated from his home during  the wildfires just three weeks ago.

Our house aprox 7:30 am today. Pray for Santa Barbara.

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Lowe made a point to not only help the firefighters do their jobs, but also feed them after their hard work.

Dinner for new friends at our house.

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The news of the floods has been all over the news, but Lowe was stunned when former Disney star Bella Thorne posted an extremely insensitive tweet about the situation.

The social media starlet was supposed to attend her boyfriend's concert on Wednesday night, but because of the disasters, roads were closed.

People immediately went after Thorne for her tweet, which has since been deleted. One person who took serious offense to her post was Lowe, who made a point to call out the 20-year-old actress.

"This attitude is why people hate celebrities/Hollywood," Lowe posted, along with a screenshot of the tweet. "Bella, I'm sorry you were inconvenienced. We will try to move out our dead quicker."

Thorne deleted her original tweet later, and clarified that she "had no idea" about the disasters in Santa Barbara.

People didn't buy Thorne's apology, though.

It's unclear whether Thorne apologized on her own accord, or whether she was responding to the public outcry.

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