'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin's Lookalike Son Is An Award-Winning Photographer

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'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin's Lookalike Son Is An Award-Winning Photographer

Robert Irwin - Instagram

Call him a chip off the old block, or the old "croc."

Robert Irwin, the 15-year-old son of the late TV presenter Steve Irwin, is carrying on the Crocodile Hunter's legacy by sharing his love of wildlife with the masses.

And while Robert can be seen on TV - either scaring Jimmy Fallon with wild critters or on his family's reality series Crikey! - so far his true passion seems to be photography.

Robert Irwin
Irwin's photographs have earned awards from around the world.Robert Irwin - Instagram

The teenage Irwin has been a runner-up or winner in several prestigious photo competitions, including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards and Australian Geographic's Nature Photographer of the Year contest.

Like his famous dad, Robert has journeyed far and wide in his work for the family business, the Australia Zoo, and always finds time for a few snapshots when he's out in the wild.

As he revealed to My Modern Met, photography, like a love for all creatures great and small, runs in the Irwin family.

Robert Irwin
Robert was just two years old when he lost his father in an on-set accident.Robert Irwin - Instagram

"My dad was also an amazing photographer," he said. "He always carried his camera with him on his travels and photographed some spectacular wildlife."

While the awards (and over 700,000 Instagram followers) prove that Irwin has a knack for wildlife photography, he's not in the business for fame and fortune.

According to Irwin's website, his photography has raised "tens of thousands of dollars" for his family's Wildlife Warriors charity.

Robert Irwin
Irwin also hosts TV documentaries and wrote a series of children's books.Robert Irwin - Instagram

Like his dad - as well as his mom Terri and sister Bindi - Robert seems most interested in sharing his love of nature with the rest of us. And the incredible photos he's captured show off the teen's love of wildlife as much as the creatures in front of his lens.

Take a look at some of Irwin's best photographs.

Lilac-breasted roller
A lilac-breasted roller.Robert Irwin - Instagram
A native Australian bird called a swamphen.Robert Irwin - Instagram

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