Rock Thrown From Overpass Kills Mother Of Three

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Rock Thrown From Overpass Kills Mother Of Three

Flores Family / Staff Sgt. Amber Grimm - U.S. Air Force

A Texas family is in mourning after losing a mother of three to a senseless crime.

Keila Flores, 33, was killed on Saturday after a stranger hurled a rock into her car from a highway overpass.

Now, her family is asking the person responsible to step forward and face the punishment for their crime.

Keila Flores
The mother of three was killed after a rock smashed the windshield of the car she was riding in.Flores Family

The young mother was in the front passenger seat of the car as her boyfriend, Christopher Rodriguez, drove her and her three children under the age of 14 down Interstate 35 outside of Temple, Texas.

Rodriguez described the horrific scene in an interview with Good Morning America:

"It was a loud impact, almost like an explosion, that went off in the car," he said.

"When it impacted the car, my instinct was to turn away, not knowing what happened. When I looked over to my right I see Keila just laying there with no response."

Thinking quickly, Rodriguez pulled to the side of the road. While a bystander pulled over to help give Flores CPR, she was unresponsive when EMTs arrived.

Highway overpass
The rock was hurled from a railway overpass above Interstate 35.Google Maps

Flores was pronounced dead at a local hospital the next day. The Temple Daily Telegram reports that she was struck in the head by the rock. An autopsy has been ordered.

"It's very frustrating," Rodriguez said about losing his partner. "There're so many emotions, like anger. You just kind of want to take things into your own hands, knowing that's not the right thing."

Explaining just what happened to Flores' three children is even harder for him, despite the fact that they were in the car with their mother.

"It's something you don't forget," Rodriguez said. "I just hope that it doesn't affect them in the long run, and that they will realize what a good mother they had."

Keila Flores
Police asked the public to share any information they may have about the suspect.Flores Family

Flores' younger brother, Luis, said losing her so suddenly feels "unreal."

"I wish it was a very long dream," he said. "I still don't believe it because that day we talked on the phone and we texted before everything happened. It's just unreal. I don't understand it."

The victim's family say that police have already interviewed a person of interest in the case, but so far no charges have been filed.

The Temple Police Department says Flores' death is being investigated as a homicide, and ask any members of the public with information to contact them.

You can call the Temple Police Department at (254) 298-5500 to submit a tip, or visit

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We hope police can crack this case, and bring some peace to Flores' family.

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