Rod Stewart Under Fire For 'Inappropriate Video On Social Media

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Rod Stewart Under Fire For 'Inappropriate Video On Social Media

Sir Rod Stewart is in some hot water after his wife shared a video online of the singer mimicking an ISIS execution in the desert.

Rod is with a bunch of people in Abu Dhabi desert when he can be seen making a cutting gesture across a person's throat while the person kneels in front of him.

The video appeared online and seemed to be a full re-enactment of the ISIS beheading videos.

The full video was deleted, but that doesn't mean people aren't talking about it.

The widow of David Haines, who was murdered by Jihadi John in 2014, called this video "disgraceful" and "appalling."

"[Rod's] 72-years-old. That's pretty brainless. I don't understand how someone could do something like that. It's disgusting," Mrs. Haines said. "I think they should apologize to all the families. We're not trying to forget, because we can never forget. But being constantly reminded, it's not helping."

David Haines, his wife Dragna

Stewart released a statement regarding the video, saying "From re-enacting the Beatles' Abbey Road crossing to spontaneously playing out Game Of Thrones, we were simply larking about pre-show. Understandably, this has been misinterpreted and I send my deepest apologies to those who have been offended."

The singer claims he was just re-enacting a scene from the show Game of Thrones, but he is still being labelled as "deeply stupid" and "clueless."

The video has since been edited to take out the execution scene and has been re-posted online.

Do you think Rod Stewart crossed a line with his ISIS-style video, or are people just over-reacting to something harmless he did with friends? Let us know in the comments!

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