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Royal Family's Private Chef Dishes On The Meals They Can't Pass Up, Reveals What To Expect At Harry's Wedding

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The Express

Feeding one of the world's most important families must be a stressful job, especially because they're all very picky eaters.

Darren McGrady was the Royal Family's private chef between 1982 and 1993, and in that time he learned a lot about the royals just from their eating habits. And if "you are what you eat," then it's no wonder Her Royal Highness is so healthy at 91-years-old.

Cake and chocolate are the Queen's few indulgences.The Express

Despite the huge banquets you'll spot the Queen attending, when she dines alone she's much stricter about her diet. McGrady reports that she mostly eats some grilled fish with vegetables, and rarely enjoys anything with carbs. "The Queen's not really bothered about food," McGrady says. "All she cares about are horses and dogs."

Prince Philip goes in for healthy eating too, maybe because of his time in the Navy. And as for Prince Charles, McGrady reveals he was "organic before organic was even invented."

But while their everyday diet is impressive, McGrady shares the Royal Family's weakness: chocolate. "The Queen is a chocoholic," he explains, "so anything we put on the menu the Queen would pass, if it had chocolate in it.”

McGrady says reports of the Queen's "heavy drinking" are exaggerated. Travel and Leisure

That includes chocolate cake with her afternoon tea. But McGrady says despite what you've read, the Queen doesn't do much day drinking. "She'd be pickled if she drank that much."

Meanwhile, the young princes are just as picky about what they like to eat.

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