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Rubber Bands Can Make Your Kitchen More Efficient in More Ways Than One!

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There is always an easy solution to life’s easy problems, In the kitchen it’s no different. These are 4 easy problems I’ve had and 4 quick fixes that saved me time and money!

I’ve seen a bunch of single use gimmicky products lately and I knew there would be a better solution. My junk drawer always has a couple rubber bands lying around and I decided to put them to use one day to solve a few common problems. Necessity of the mother of invention!  


  • Rubber bands


Hard to open Jars

  1. Use 1 rubber bands - one on the lid, the other around the jar - to improve your grip.

Keep your cutting board from slipping

  1. Wrap rubber bands around either side of your cutting board.
  2. Use your newly secure cutting board as normal.

Prevent a mixing spoon from falling in your bowl

  1. Wrap a rubber band around the end of your mixing spoon.
  2. Mix as usual and rest it against the lip of your bowl.

Keep a sliced apple from browning

  1. Slice your apple into quarters.
  2. Reassemble apple and wrap in a rubber band to keep fresh until snack time!

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