Samantha Markle Shreds Meghan In New Documentary

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Samantha Markle Shreds Meghan In New Documentary

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After months of public nitpicking and heated interviews, Duchess Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha still has more to say.

And in a new TV documentary about Meghan's estranged family, Samantha, 54, didn't hold anything back.

In Meghan & the Markles: A Family at War, Samantha addressed the emotional, handwritten letter Meghan, 37, sent to their father Thomas, 74, which he recently shared with the press against Meghan's wishes.

Meghan wrote to her dad that the embarrassing scandal of him staging paparazzi photos just days before her wedding broke her heart "into a million pieces." She also opened up about how Thomas' spiteful interviews about her and other royals seriously upset her.

But Samantha refuses to believe her sister's words, calling the letter "strategic" and saying "it was so elegantly written and contrived" to make her and Thomas out as liars.

"She doesn't have a heart or she would [have] been doing everything she could to make him comfortable, and reciprocate, and be loving and gracious, and make sure he's comfortable in his old age," she said.

Samantha Markle
Samantha Markle called Meghan "heartless" in an explosive new interview.Fox

"So broken heart? No, his heart's broken. She can't turn herself into the victim here."

Samantha might be feeling a little heartbroken herself, since Meghan wrote in the same letter that she "barely knows" Samantha. That's another claim that Samantha strongly disputes.

"There are a lifespan of pictures and experiences together, so maybe it's convenient for her, that in her mind, she doesn't know us because she doesn't want to because she wants [to take] center stage," she said.

"I wasn't maliciously lying. I was pointing out what the world was already seeing. I pointed out that humanitarians don't treat their father coldly. Was that a lie? No, because the world watched it happen to my dad, and the world watched her do it."

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
The duke and duchess are busy preparing for a late April or early May birth.Kensington Palace - Twitter

In the interview, Samantha actually pinpointed the exact moment her relationship with Meghan and Harry started to fall apart: when Harry told a radio host in his relatives were the family Meghan "never had" in 2017.

"The first thing I thought was I don't think Harry has been given the full story," she remembered. "Something was not right. Though we weren't the classic family together on schedule for every holiday, we were family."

While Meghan seems to have (wisely) cut her father's side of the family out of her life, The Sun reports that she and Prince Harry have been sneaking trips to America to spend time with Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland.

The duchess has yet to weigh in on Samantha's comments, but probably has bigger things to worry about as her spring due date approaches.

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