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25 Times Kids Really Didn't Enjoy Their Holly Jolly Photo-Op With Santa

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Every year, parents bring their kids to the mall to get their picture taken with Santa. They get the chance to finally ask for what they really want, and maybe justify some of those days where they didn't exactly make the nice list.

The problem is that kids don't seem to always love being handed to a stranger and being told to smile. I guess having a bearded man laugh a jolly "ho, ho, ho" in your face doesn't seem to make everyone happy. Luckily, Santa is a pro and never seems to take it personally. You know what, it can be overwhelming to meet a celebrity, can you really blame these kids?

1. They might try to run and hide

Ashton-Michael Kirkham

2. Sometimes one gets upset and the other just doesn't get what all the fuss is about

Julee Wilson

3. The face of pure joy

Kimberly Cardoza

4. It looks as though Santa just told her she didn't make the "Nice" list

Peggy Smith

5. Listen, he's doing his best, but sometimes even Santa breaks down

Bridget Waldman Sheeran

6. "Mom, please, I swear I'll eat the carrots if you save me!"

Amy Klebart

7. "He said a pony wouldn't fit down the chimney!"

Julie Simms

8. Even presents couldn't save him...

Jocelynn Lauren

These aren't the only kids having a rough Christmas...

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