Sarah Michelle Gellar Accused of 'Child Abuse' After Picture Of Her Son Goes Viral

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Accused of 'Child Abuse' After Picture Of Her Son Goes Viral

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Most commonly known for her role as Buffy Summers in the 90s hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar has shied away from the limelight in recent years. She's most recently appeared in the media for her viral Facebook post, the occasional television show appearance, and to promote her cookbook.

However, Gellar has recently landed in hot water after posting some controversial pictures of her five-year-old son, Rocky, on social media.

On Dec. 28, Gellar took Rocky, and her eight-year-old daughter, Charlotte, to the nail salon to get pampered with manicures.

She promptly posted the activity on her Instagram story, where she documented her and her son getting nail colors.

While some have applauded the outing as breaking gender norms, others have voiced their opinion, claiming Gellar has participated in "child abuse."

Gellar isn't the only celebrity parent who has received flack from the internet, as Gwen Stefani and Brian Austin Green have gotten similar objections when each of their sons were spotted in the past wearing a dress. Pink also caused a stir when she revealed she would be raising her daughter as gender neutral.

When a Facebook post by the Mic was published,which detailed the family outing, many have written their criticisms of the starlet's parenting skills:

"All too common, feminist child abuse."

"This kind of thing should be outlawed as child abuse! It can cause a child to doubt their true gender."

"I know it's just nail polish but we are living in a society that is promoting pedophilia in the media. Why are people teaching children to not accept their gender? Welcome to the New World Order!"

Luckily, plenty of people came to Gellar's defense to dispel the ridiculous comments:

"Listen, I had my girls dress me in Tutus, headbands, had my hair braided, pulled in piggytails [sic] with big pink bows, had my makeup done, nails you name it. I'm not any less manly."

"My husband had a tech related job where he walked at least 5 miles a day. I took him to get a pedicure cause his feet were building up scar tissue! Taking care of your hands and feet is not gender specific."

"If it's something a child enjoys that does not harm them let them do it. Just because you are uncomfortable with it or it doesn't fit what you have been taught doesn't mean the child has to suffer your weaknesses."

Do you think Gellar made the right to allow her son to get his nails done?

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