Families Can't Stop Laughing At The Saran Wrap Ball Party Game


Families Can't Stop Laughing At The Saran Wrap Ball Party Game

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If you're looking to take this year's Christmas party to the next level, we have just the thing.

It's hilarious, fun, and best of of all dirt cheap, because all you need are some party favors and a roll of plastic wrap.

The game, called Saran Wrap Ball, is similar to Hot Potato and other pass-the-parcel party games, but with a few twists that make it extra fun (and extra silly).

Awesome Jelly shared their rules for the entertaining holiday activity, but you can modify them to suit your Christmas crowd, or make the rules even tougher for a seriously funny challenge.

Saran wrap ball
Fill your ball with dollar store goodies, treats, and coins or small bills.Backpack Project MN - Twitter

Aside from a roll of plastic  wrap, here's what you'll need for this game:

  • A pair of six-sided dice
  • Party favors to stuff inside the plastic wrap (small toys, candy, gift cards, coins, and just about anything that will fit inside the ball will do)
  • Oven mitts or mittens (optional)

To play, get your party into a big circle. The game works best around a table, or with everyone sitting together on the floor.

The first players starts to unwrap the ball, while the player to their right starts rolling the dice.

Watch how the game is played:

Once the player with the dice gets doubles, the ball and the dice are both passed to the right. That way, the player who just had the dice starts unwrapping the ball, and the player to their right starts to roll the dice.

Any prizes you unwrap from the ball are yours - and that's pretty much all there is to this game! It's a race to win some goodies before the person beside you rolls doubles and gets their chance to win something.

Of course, making the player who unwraps the ball wear mittens or oven mitts will make the game even tougher (and more fun to watch).

Any kind of plastic wrap will do, but the Press and Seal variety is harder to pull apart.

And the person making the ball should make sure to include something special at the very middle, so the game only gets more fun as you play. A gift card or a $10 bill is good encouragement, but a big bag of candy is cheaper.

If you feel really evil, you can also make the person unwrapping the ball wear a blindfold. But don't blame us if Santa puts you on the naughty list.

Videos and guides shared on social media show how popular this game has become in just a few years, so your family is sure to love.

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Have you played this game before? Will you try it this year?

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