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6-Year-Old's Savage Letter To Santa Is Cracking Up The Internet

What age did you start to realize Santa wasn't real? For me, it was probably later than it should have been. I was about 12 when it started to sink in that it wasn't at all possible. I blame my older brother, though, because every time I asked him if Santa was real I got a resounding "yes", and I trusted his opinion.

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According to a poll in 2011, 84% of adults said they stopped believing in Santa around age 8. Studies believe this is when kids reach the age of questioning the logistics of things. It's no longer "how do you know I'm being naughty?" It's more about "how do you fit down the chimney?" and "how can you make it around the world in one night?"

It's also when kids start to connect the dots. Suddenly, Santa's writing is eerily similar to Mom and Dad's, and they somehow manage to use the same wrapping paper as the North Pole, as well.

For one boy, however, he's already skeptical at the young age of six, and he's not afraid to let Jolly Ol' St. Nick know about it.

Sarah McCammon, a reporter with NPR, had the internet in stitches when she posted a letter to Santa her six-year-old son wrote in class.

It's clear that this kid has some serious questions about Santa's reliability, and he also wants to make it clear that he's dealing with a lot of stuff. His hard-ball approach to the Big Guy caught the internet's attention, and everyone loved it.

What do you think of the Santa Skeptic's letter?

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