Science Says That This Place Is The Worst Place To Pass Gas

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Science Says That This Place Is The Worst Place To Pass Gas

The shower is an almost temple for many of us. A place where we can be by ourselves in comfort and privacy to think, bathe and maybe, occasionally, fart. Don't!

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Science says that the shower is the worst possible place to pass gas because it will smell so much worse.

First off a confession: I fart. Also an accusation: you fart. There's no shame in farting, and no one should make you feel bad about it. Flatulence is a fact of life and we should all embrace it. That doesn't mean that all locations are created equal though.

While normal many, let's call them toots, can carry odor that is unpleasant to others. That's why we try to do it away from other people as often as we can.  There is, usually, no one else with you in the shower, which should make it a safe fluffing place. It's not, and there's a couple of reasons for it.

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One is that the shower is generally an enclosed space, meaning there's less room for the smell molecules to disperse so they carry a stronger smell for longer. Now here's another reason it's a terrible idea to let loose in the shower.

When you fart you're releasing methane molecules into the air, these molecules can easily bind with water molecules. That means the very steam that surrounds you quickly becomes infused with the essence of you.

The steam is also rising up, carrying the smell right up your nostrils. With shampoo on your head and as naked as the day you were born there's no where to run and no place to hide.

So next time you're lathering up remember the wise words of Gandalf:

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