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Scientists Are Saying You Should Get Your X-Mas Decorations Up Early This Year

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We all know that one house on the block that adamantly keeps up their Christmas decor all the year round (maybe it's you!) and others who are pulling out the tree as the pumpkins go to the curb.

Some people call them crazy, but they're just crazy about Christmas! And it seems like it is actually something that is not only good for holiday cheer, but for your health as well!

By getting your tinsel up early, you remind the whole neighborhood of the glad tidings to come, and that puts everyone at ease. Not only that, but houses that have cozy looking decorations up appear friendlier.

In leading the way for the festivities, these families promote a more cohesive environment within the community and encourage other individuals to take part and feel more welcomed!

But this isn't only good for your neighbors' health, there are benefits for your mental well-being too!

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