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See Dubai in 3 Days: Best Places to Visit

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Thinking about a vacation in Dubai, what comes to your mind first and foremost? Luxury hotels, expensive restaurants, or maybe sandy beaches? Of course, all these places are an important part of the popular resort. But Dubai also has a rich culture and age-old traditions.

We have collected the most famous places in Dubai that help you to explore this amazing city on many sides in just three days.

HINT: All these places are easy to get on foot, by bicycles, taxi, or public transport, especially Dubai Underground. All main attractions and commercial centers have their “own” underground station. You can also address BMW car rental in Dubai to move through the city in great comfort. Due to perfect roads and low gas prices, this city is made for motorists.

Day #1. Plunge into the History

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the symbols of Dubai and one of the tallest buildings in the world: Its height is more than 828 meters. This tower consists of more than 160 floors with expensive apartments, a hotel, and offices placed here. Lookouts are on the 125th and 148th floors. Here you can see the city from a height of 500 meters. It’s better to book tickets to observation platforms in advance because places are limited.

Entry fee: Yes

Time: More than 3 hours

Bastakiya Quarter

Like every large tourist city, Dubai has its historic quarter. Here it is Bastakiya which is located in the west of Dubai Creek. The first buildings in this quarter belonged to Iranian merchants who arrived from the town of Bastak. They traded pearls and fabrics, that’s why they settled near the bay which was the main transport route for merchants. Today, you can stroll through these ancient streets and explore the beauty of Dubai's Old City.

By the way, Al Fahidi Fort with the Dubai Museum is also located in this quarter. In addition, there is also the Majlis Gallery here.

Entry fee: No

Time: 1-2 hours

Day #2. “Water” Day

Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek separates Dubai and the Arabian Peninsula. And it is where Dubai once arose. The famous Bastakiya and other old quarters are also located there today. Before they were fishing villages and pearl divers’ settlements built about four thousand years ago.

There are special cruise boats called "abra" sailing along the bay. They are like water taxis riding tourists both from coast-to-coast and over longer distances.

Entry fee: Yes

Time: Less than an hour

Dubai Fountain

In the middle of the artificial lake near the Burj Khalifa, there is a choreographed fountain system. It was created in the likeness of the same fountain in Las Vegas and could surpass its prototype. The fountain soars up to a height of more than 150 meters and shines with thousands of lights. Every evening, a light show begins here, accompanied by melodies of popular hits and Arabic music. The best time to come here is at 18.00 — at this time, a musical performance begins.

Entry fee: No

Time: More than 3 hours

Day #3. A Winter’s Tale. Yes, It’s Possible in Dubai

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the only ski entertainment in the Middle East. This complex occupies an area of 20 000 m2. Every day, tons of snow are specially brought here so that visitors of Ski Dubai can enjoy winter in the middle of a hot summer. Here you can ski down a 400-meter slope, play snowballs, and remember your childhood by renting a sled.

Entry fee: Yes

Time: More than 3 hours

Madinat Jumeirah

It is one of the most popular shopping and entertainment complexes in Dubai. It looks like a small town on the water. Here among the merchants, you can find many craftsmen who sell amazing products — handmade coffee pots and tableware, light fabrics and elegant jewelry, original souvenirs. And after a walk through the shopping stalls, take a boat ride along the adjacent water canals.

Entry fee: No

Time: 1-2 hours

Of course, there are many more fascinating places in Dubai that are worth seeing. But even in three days, you can feel the delightful and enchanting atmosphere of this city.

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