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15 Years After Losing Her Wedding Ring, Her Husband's Surprise Has Her Weak In The Knees

A woman was given the sweetest surprise imaginable by her husband. They have been married for 38 years but he still is able to keep her on her toes.

15 years ago she lost her wedding ring. It happens to the best of us, you put it somewhere for safe keeping but then it's kept a little too safe and you have no idea where it went. She thought she would never see it again but one day when her husband is acting strange she turns around to find him on his knee.

He pulls out the ring and quietly asks "Will you marry me?". She immediately falls to the floor, and is overcome with emotion. She doesn't answer right away, instead saying "No way, where did you find that?"

But he asks her once more and she of course says yes. He said he found the ring hidden in a small wooden box where it had been sitting for 15 years. She says she can't believe that he found it, and was even surprised to see that it still fits.

True love lasts a lifetime and it's amazing that after almost 40 years he is still able to surprise her!