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She Said His Eyes Would Have Haunted Her Forever, Six Months Later He's A Brand New Cat

It's amazing what a little bit of time and a lot of love can do for a sad little animal. Rufus was found crying out underneath a car  when Dee was going to pick up her cat from her neighbors .

"We had gone on vacation and left (our cat) with my neighbors who kindly agreed to take care of her. While going to pick her up, I heard meowing. It was more like a pitiful cry," Dee told Love Meow.

When she peaked under to see what was making that noise she spotted him. She saw this sad looking little ginger cat, who was practically skin and bones. He was dirty, scared and crying.

"I thought he'd run away scared but he came running when I called him thinking I had some food with me. Unfortunately, I didn't have any food," she said.

The kitten didn't get close enough for her to grab so she went and grabbed her cat to bring home. She mentioned it to the neighbors and then two hours later they called her and said they had found him! Dee ran back next door with kitten food and a basket.

He ate the food quickly and while he did Dee was able to get him in the basket and bring him to her house. "He was in pretty bad shape, his hair was matted at the back, lot of dirt in his ears and fleas. I cleaned him with a wet wash cloth and took him to emergency vet. He was treated for dehydration, worms and fleas."

He started coming out of his shell over the next few days, finally having access to food and a comfy place to sleep. She posted photos online but no one came to claim him. Lucky for him, he found a new home anyways.

"In those three weeks every time he saw me or my dad he would light up! He was so friendly that when someone did offer to take him, we were completely in love and couldn't part with him."

He bonded with Dee's other cat and he has gotten to be such a beautiful cat in the last six months. He doesn't have that same scared and sad expression on his little face anymore! He's all grown up and more handsome than ever!

"He is uber sweet, runs behind butterflies, likes to lay down in the middle of the living room all stretched out and when we sit down, plonks himself on our laps. He meeps a lot and his call for food is different from when he wants water..."

Dee said that, "Those eyes would have haunted me forever had I not brought him home. In many ways he has made my life better." He's such a gorgeous cat who is so lucky to have found someone to take him in when he was in need!

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