19 "She Sheds" That Are Way Better Than Any Man Cave

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19 "She Sheds" That Are Way Better Than Any Man Cave

Brian Woodcock/Kloter Farms

We've all heard the term "man cave" right? It refers to that one space in the home that a man gets to "take over" and keep his masculinity, because I guess proper interior design and nice furniture is too feminine for some people.

But when guys get their man caves, women don't get "ladies lairs." There's no one spot where we get to go and have our own space and do absolutely everything we want to it.

That's why these She Sheds are so amazing. It's a space where women can take time away in their backyard and enjoy a mini oasis. I know that my shed isn't used for much these days, so instead of wasting space, I'm going to redecorate it!

These are some great ideas for some lovely sheds, take my advice and get a professional to build you one! Unless of course, you are handy.

1. A nice reading area where you can escape!

Paige Morse Creative

2. A path through the garden to your She Shed.

Country Living

3. If you have a view, you may as well take advantage of it!

Avanto Architects

4. Make your She Shed a destination spot!

Brian Woodcock

5. Or keep it small, simple, and patriotic.

Brian Woodcock

6. A comfy couch perfect for napping.

Ella Claire

7. Or an extravagant former greenhouse ready for entertaining.

Erica Georgia Dines

8. This reminds me of 'The Secret Garden'!

Gridley and Graves

9. You can also make it a spot for your grandkids or young daughters to hang out.


10. I'm getting a Disney vibe from this place.

Home Talk

11. If you're into crafting, you can make yourself a craft shack where everything is organized!

Home Talk/KS Craft Shack

12. Chandeliers will make anything fancy.

Janis Nicolay

13. Encourage your kids to read with a fun place to do so.

Kloter Farms
Kloter Farms

14. An art studio with natural light will surely get your creative juices flowing.


15. It's like having a cabin in your backyard!

Pop Sugar

16. I love the colors, but it's the plate of cookies that sells it for me!

Tator Tots and Jello

17. It could even be used as a little guest house when you have visitors in town!

The Painted Room
The Painted Room

18. Just imagine the breeze through here while drinking your coffee. Amazing!

Valerie Wood

19. A perfect oasis that you totally deserve!

The Spruce

What would you want your She Shed to look like?

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