She Wanted The One Cat No One Else Did, But She Knew It Was Meant To Be

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She Wanted The One Cat No One Else Did, But She Knew It Was Meant To Be

Of all the kittens and cats in the humane society, Britta Bergeson fell in love with the one no one expected her to notice.

She is only eight years old, but when she saw this sweet cat named Justice,  she knew that this special kitty would be the one that she wanted to love. Her parents were not as sure, as Justice was a special needs cat after arriving at the Arizona Humane Society with severe trauma to both of its eyes,

Britta had to try to convince her parents that adopting this blind cat was a good idea, so she decided to draw a sweet little cartoon to show them what it would be like to bring home Justice.

She drew a bunch of pictures of her and the cat, showing it running into a wall while she follows, and then a few of her telling Justice  "I love you".

Finally Britta's family agreed to at least go meet the cat in person and they immediately realized they would not be going home without this cat.

The adoptions supervisor, Vanessa Crues, described the interaction and said that "She started crying and it was an instant love connection. Justice just melted in her lap and was so calm with her new friend. The family was very emotional. Love connections like these are what make this job so rewarding, especially for a cat like Justice who really needed to find a great home!"

So the little blind kitty found a home with the sweetest little 8-year-old who couldn't wait to take care of her new best friend. Their connection was so powerful that it even inspired Britta's aunt to adopt a different cat herself while the whole family was there! It's really amazing what a kid can do when they are determined!