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She's The Best Babysitter These Baby Goats Could Have Asked For

Dogs are basically the most precious thing in all the world. They are such lovable and caring goofballs who would do practically anything for their favorite humans.

Loryn is a Golden Retriever is an amazingly sweet girl. She not only takes care of her sister Freya the Great Pyrenees, but also a couple baby goats! ‌                                  ‌

She found her true calling as the mother of these baby goats and spends her time herding them to their playpen for naps and giving them all the snuggles and love they need.                  ‌

Its absolutely incredible to see how she bonded with these little babies even though they aren't her own. She is just such a very good girl!

It's so cute when her little goat babies escape their playpen and she goes right after them to make sure they don't get too far.

It's just the sweetest thing and I can't get enough of it! You can follow all her adventures on her Instagram which I highly recommend because it is the absolute cutest thing in the world!

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