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She's The 'Most Ill, Sickest Person' They Have Ever Seen, And Her Illness Has Taken Over Her Life

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How often do you work out? 3-4 times a week? And it probably lasts, what? An hour?

To Erin, that's a slight warm-up.

Erin, who is appearing on an upcoming episode of The Doctors is seeking help for her exercise addiction. The 39-year-old woman exercises every day, for over 8 hours. She only sleeps for two or three hours a day to make sure she has time to go to work and exercise.

“I exercise eight hours a day,” she says in an preview for the show. “I never get tired, I don’t get sore.”

But while she may not FEELING sore, her medical tests reveal something entirely different.

The Doctors

Erin's muscles are deteriorating due to her compulsive exercise. Her red blood cells are abnormal, her white blood cell count is high, and she may even have an enlarged heart.

“I’m so glad you took that test, because otherwise you may have just found this out through an emergency,” Dr. Jorge Rodriguez tells her. "Erin is the most ill person, the sickest person we’ve had on the show in my opinion.”

But Erin doesn't see it that way.

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