Woman Turns Four Shipping Containers Into Stunning Home

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Woman Turns Four Shipping Containers Into Stunning Home

Les Collections Dubreuil

I'm in the process of trying to buy a house, but it's all so expensive. I don't need a lot of space, just enough to live comfortably. A bedroom, a dining room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a den, that's all I'm looking for.

Claudie Dubreuil, owner of Les Collections Dubreuil in Quebec, decided to design her own house instead of buying one already made. She wasn't just building a regular house, though. She was using shipping containers.

Dubreuil purchased four shipping containers for between $2,600 and $3,000 USD and got to work. It took a few weeks to cut the containers to size, and then it was time to start building. Windows, beaming, and basically everything else was needed to convert these containers into a livable home.

Each container is eight feet by 40 feet, and most of the metal is still exposed at the request of Dubreuil. In total, it cost Dubreuil about $377,000 USD to do the project, and the results were amazing!

I'm a sucker for a white bedroom!

This kitchen is nicer than the one I have now!

I love that there's a sliding door, too!

Okay seriously, how is this a house made of shipping containers? You could have fooled me!

Would you consider living in a house like this?

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