Chris Hemsworth's Workout Will Inspire You To Hit the Gym

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Chris Hemsworth's Workout Will Inspire You To Hit the Gym

With beach season around the corner, we may be looking down at our winter weight wondering how the heck celebrities are able to keep those chiseled abs and strong biceps.

Well, here is the workout video that we have all been waiting for! 33 year-old Chris Hemsworth works up a sweat with his trainer Luke Zocchi in a video shared on Instagram.

Giving Thor fans a glimpse of what it takes for him to get ready for the next Marvel movie, his intense workout is a marvel in itself.

This father-of-three can be seen battling with ropes, doing sweat-drenched cardio, pushing through a series of weightlifting and resistance training.

This intense workout has me sweating just by watching. But it may not just be the exercises that have me red in the face.


What a difference from his 2015 emaciated look where he put his body on the line to get into the character of Owen Chase for his role In The Heart Of The Sea.

This workout comes after a sneak peak at the new Thor movie revealed Hemsworth will be sporting a new short hair cut and without his iconic hammer.

Was this workout everything you had hoped it would be?