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Signs That You Are In Need Of a New Roof Now!

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You do not need a leaking ceiling to tell your roof needs repair or replacement. Some telltale signs can help you decide when the best time to call a roofer to your home is. Check out some of the signs that indicate you need a new roof right away.

1)            Keeping Track Of Time

Even the most durable roofing material has its retirement age, after which it needs a replacement. So, how old is your roof after the last repair or installation? Most roofs can last up to 25 years with proper maintenance. If you had your roof renovated and shingles laid on top of old ones, they may need repair after two decades.

Keeping track of how long the shingles have been over your head can help you tell if a change is what they need. You can consult a reputable roofing company in St Louis to come and inspect your home, and they can advise if your roof needs repair or replacement.

If it is a leaky roof, the experts will repair it to avoid mold growth and further damage to the roof over your head. If your roof has some years left to serve you, the roofers will help with its maintenance. Money spent on care can save you loads of money you would use in replacement in the long run.

2)            Vegetation Above

Any vegetation growing on the rooftop may not necessarily mean your roof is faulty. Moss, fungi, algae, and mold are a clear indication that moisture is getting trapped. Regular cleaning with a stiff brush and spraying off with hydrogen peroxide and water solution can help remove stubborn algae.

Areas with high humidity levels are prone to these kinds of vegetation as they thrive in moist places. As you clear the growth, check for any damages that may need a roofing expert to address.

3)            State Of Shingles

Most rooftops wear and tear take place due to various weather conditions. When storms hit your location, they can cause damages and cracks to the shingles above. If the shingles state is anything but flat, then it is a sign that you need a roofer’s visit to your home.

If there are shingle granules in the downspouts or gutters, it shows the roof is wasting away. To tell if the granules have wasted away, look if the parts have an inconsistent and dark color. Buckled and curled shingles are a sure sign you need to change your roofing.

Too old shingles manifest the end of their service with these signs. Some of the shingles may even be missing or falling apart. A roof in such a state will lead to leaks, which are a nuisance as they can cause severe damage.

4)            Rotting

If the lower parts of the roof are sagging or drooping, there could be trapped moisture. Rotting at the rooftop is due to high moisture content that has no way of escape. You will notice rotten boards that need replacing right away.

5)            A Look At The Attic

You need a good view of the attic area by carrying a bright light source to illuminate correctly, so you do not miss anything. First, you need to check before lighting your torch to see if there is light getting through cracks on the roof. If there is light passing through any holes, water is also getting in through them, and you need to take action as soon as possible.

Light the torch on and check if you can see stains and dark streaks beneath the roof or on the walls. If the roof is sagging, moisture could have caused it. Leaks and rots inside the rooftop should be a good enough reason to call in a roofing expert.

6)            Water Damage

The extent of damage water causes is visible not only on the inside of a roof but also outside. Leaking is one of the results of excess water damaging the rooftop. Rotting, especially on asphalt and wooden roofing, needs repair right away before they get extreme.

Shingles will decay or crack due to excess water. Most of the degraded pieces will get washed away by rain into the gutters, and if you find such, changes are necessary. Dark stains and streaks also occur on top due to water damage.

7)            Inspect The Roof Valleys, Flashing, And Chimneys

The chimney, together with the flashing at the base, are also susceptible to damage. Instead of tar or cement flashing, replace it with a metal one that cannot get damaged by water. The roof valley also needs regular checking since it is also prone to damage.

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