Simple Ways to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

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Simple Ways to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

Moving into a new house can be exciting. It's the start of a new chapter and you have a blank slate to work with. But sometimes it can take a while for your new place to feel like home. If you want to accelerate that process a little bit, here are a few things you can do in just an afternoon to make your new house feel like home.

Create a Calming Atmosphere in the Bedroom

Did you know that we spend almost 33% of our entire lives in bed? Considering that, it's important to create a calming space for yourself in the bedroom. If you've just moved in, focus on this space first. Even if it's not the room you'll spend the most time in, it's the room you'll retreat to after a long day to get your rest. Shouldn't it be the first peaceful place you focus on? It can be easy to jump from task to task when there's so much to do in your new house, but your number one priority is to make your bed, set up your bedroom furniture, and roll out that fuzzy area rug you love. You'll thank yourself at the end of every day when you have a little slice of paradise to fall asleep in.

Get Organized

Organization is key, especially in a few specific areas in your house. First, get your closet sorted out. When you can start the day picking clothes and accessories from an organized wardrobe, you're setting yourself up for success. Instead of throwing all of your clothes into any available drawer you can find, take the time to organize them in a way that benefits your everyday routine. Next, it's time to tackle the bathroom. And here, it's all about proper storage. Pharmacy-brand facial creams can already lose roughly 50% of their antioxidant capabilities after six months on the shelf. Do you really want the reason your favorite moisturizer goes bad to be improper storage? Invest in some hanging wall shelves or a vanity that has built-in shelving. The more sheltered your cosmetic and skincare products are, the more effective they'll be. And when your medicine cabinet is organized just the way you like it, you'll feel at home in no time.

Learn Your House's Tech

When you move into a new house, there's a good chance you won't be familiar with some of the technology inside. Whether it's new kitchen appliances or light timers, it can take a little bit of time to get used to it all. One of the best things you can do to feel more at home is to set aside a little bit of time to play around with it. You might know that sustainable thermostats can pay for themselves in about two years, but if this is your first time operating one, give yourself a few minutes to work through all the bells and whistles. Maybe you have a hood vent over your stove for the first time. Or a garbage disposal mechanism in your sink. Make a list of all the new technology in your house and cross each item off as you familiarize yourself. By the time you're done, you'll know the house top to bottom.

Host a Casual Kitchen Dinner

Ordering takeout can feel easier than cooking in your new kitchen for the first few nights after your move. The downside? Takeout can contribute to those feelings of a temporary space. Even if you're living in one of almost 14.5 million rental properties across the nation, your place should feel like home 100% of the time you're in it. Stocking up the kitchen and cooking for a few friends might just work wonders when it comes to feeling at home. It doesn't have to be complicated, either. Throw a few burgers in the broiler and whip up a salad. Roast a chicken and some veggies for everyone. Even a potluck-style dinner could be fun! The point is to get comfortable living in and utilizing your new space.

The opportunities presented by a new house are almost limitless. But if you're feeling overwhelmed and not quite at home yet, consider focusing on one of the projects we talked about here. Pretty soon, you won't be able to imagine living anywhere else.

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