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Jessica Simpson Belts Out Duet With Willie Nelson During First Performance In Years


Though you may forget that Jessica Simpson was a pop star, it definitely happened. Around the same time as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were huge, Simpson was releasing her own music as well.

The blonde beauty released her first album in 1999 called Sweet Kisses, and had three more pop albums come out after that. In 2008, she released a country LP called Do You Know, but since then she stayed pretty quiet on the music scene. Her 2010 holiday collection called Happy Christmas was the last we had heard from her musically.

Of course, it's not like Simpson totally disappeared. She started her own fashion line, called Jessica Simpson Collection, which is reported to net over $1 billion in sales each year.

The businesswoman also married former NFL player Eric Johnson after four years of dating in 2014. The couple has two kids together, daughter Maxwell, 6, and son Ace, 5.

But even though her start was in the music industry, Simpson's husband and kids have never seen her perform on stage before! Until now, that is.

The 38-year-old star was at the Orange County Fair with her family last week where Willie Nelson was performing, and she stunned the crowd by joining Nelson on stage for a duet!

“My good buddy Jessica Simpson and I are gonna sing a song together,” Nelson told the crowd.

The duo sang "I Will Be Your Fool," and I've got to say...Simpson sounds GREAT!

It shouldn't be a surprise that Simpson still has pipes, though. In 2015 the mom-of-two revealed she was in the early stages of releasing a new album.

“Right now I am starting a record, and I am getting into a lot of other fun things,” Simpson told EXTRA. “I have a recording studio in my house so I can be around my babies as well. And they might try and sing over me. They won’t be my background vocalists, they’ll be like, ‘Ahh!' They’ll be upfront and personal.”

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What did you think of Simpson's performance? I loved it!

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