Sisters Missing For 30 Years Turn Up Safe In Another Country

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Sisters Missing For 30 Years Turn Up Safe In Another Country

Ken Hazke from Lethbridge, Canada had almost given up hope of ever seeing his sisters Anna and Kym ever again.

The sisters, who were 43 and 29 when they disappeared in the mid-80s, were never close with their mother. They moved away from home after their father died and quickly disappeared. In a shocking turn of events, they've both been found, safe and sound, in America.

During a long investigation full of dead ends and disappointments police worried that the sisters had died, or even been the victim of a serial killer, but when they were found in the America they didn't even realize they were listed as missing persons.


After moving away from Lethbridge, Kym and Anna adopted false names and moved from place to place, finally settling somewhere in America (for their own privacy, police won't say exactly where).

They weren't officially reported as missing until 2003, more than a decade after their mother last spoke with them. Sadly, she died four years ago, so she never found out that were daughters were alive and well.

Over the last 14 years, police followed every scrap of evidence, and finally had a breakthrough when they found one of the sisters had written a book under a false name. This lead them to her new home in America, where a fingerprint test finally confirmed she was alive.

Sgt. Scott WoodsCBC

Police spoke with one of the sisters face to face, but so far they haven't reached out to their family.

"They had just left due to some family turmoil and had moved on, and were living their own life," Lethbridge police officer Seargeant Scott Woods told the CBC.

Still, Ken is hopeful that after all these years the Hazke family can put the past behind them.

"We have a second chance here to reconnect as a family," he said, "and that is just a joyous occasion."

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