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The Way You Sit Reveals A Lot About Your Personality, Find Out What It Says About You


Our personalities are made up of so many things, and influenced by the experiences we have in life and how we are raised. But when you are just meeting someone or trying to get to know someone better, there is one easy way to find out more about them.

As it turns out, the way you sit actually reveals a lot about your personality. The way you are comfortable sitting can give the people around you a little window into the way your mind works without you even realizing it.  

Here's what your sitting style says about you:

Sitting up straight

sitting up straight the armrests sitting personality style

Having good posture is great, and when you see what it says about you, you'll understand why people say to sit up straight when you want to make a good impression on people.

Good posture indicates that you are confident, reliable, and strong. It's showing others that you have everything together and you are ready to take on the world.

But just because you're reliable, it doesn't mean you're boring. People with good posture also are known to be fun and enjoy life.

Ankles crossed

Sitting with ankles crossed personality type

When you sit down, you should check out what you're doing with your feet. A lot of us do things like this instinctively without even realizing it, but if you tend to tuck one ankle behind another, you are saying a lot about your personality.

Don't worry, it's not saying anything bad, it's actually saying that you are an elegant person, who manages to be refined but also down-to-earth.

It relaxes the sitting up straight position a little bit, but still keeps it respectable.

Hands in your lap

Hands in your lap sitting personality style

It's not just your legs you can watch out for, your hands are also going to give away some clues of your personality.

When you place your hands in your lap, it is actually showing others that you are being thoughtful, but are likely a little bit shy.

It is usually associated with compassionate people who are sensitive to emotional situations, and will often remain humble and calm.

There is a slight difference between those who have them stacked one hand over the other and those who have them each separately placed on their lap, as those who tend to cross their hands are a little bit more introverted and soft spoken.

Hands clasped

Hands clasped sitting personality style

Clasping your hands is actually a lot different than placing them casually on your lap. It indicates a level of passion that a lot of people don't have, which is probably why people are so drawn to you.

Your excitement for the world around you is intoxicating, especially because it's mixed with your warm and welcoming attitude.

The only downside is that because you are passionate, you are prone to being a bit more emotional at times.

Crossed legs

Legs crossed sitting personality style

If you tend to cross your legs, that means that you are a very creative person. You are excellent at making conversion but it does take time for someone to earn your trust.

But once you trust someone, you will find that you will enjoy deep conversations and are capable of understanding people really well.

If you happen to be someone who crosses their legs and then starts bouncing it, it means that you are the kind of person who is organized and likes to be on time.

Center of the couch

sitting in the middle of the couch personality style

If there's a couch and you sit right down in the very middle, that says that you're an extremely confident person who doesn't second guess their choices at all.

You're bold, outgoing, and as expected, you like being the center of attention.

Arms crossed

Arms crossed sitting personality style

Crossing your arms is a pose that indicates a defensive position, but one that comes from a place of strength.

It is a way to protect your own body, and people who tend to do this more often tend to be more serious and analytical.

Grabbing the armrests

Grabbing the armrests sitting personality style

If you're in a chair with armrests and you tend to grab onto them a lot, it means that you are someone who is very observant.

It shows that you are sensitive to your surroundings and grounded in your reality which makes you an emotional rock for your family and friends.

Leaning back onto your palms

Leaning back on palms sitting personality style

You might think that it looks relaxed, but it actually indicative that you tend to be analytical in your life.

Also, you like to take in the bigger picture before you make decisions, as you are a considerate person and like to look at every side and option before making a choice.


Crossed legged sitting personality style

Sitting with your legs crossed shows off your carefree nature. You're open and creative, and tend to be able to go with the flow easily.

You enjoy trying new things and don't get too stressed out if a plan is changed or a routine needs to be altered because you are extremely adaptable.

Source - Little Things / Cosmopolitan / Wake up your Mind

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