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5 Weird Hacks To Help You Sleep Better Every Night

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Sleeping is the most important thing you can do. Sure, some people spend a lot of time thinking about work, family, relationships, or what they are going to eat, but fact of the matter is sleep affects every moment of your day and can greatly impact your health. It's important to get enough sleep if you want to be healthy and happy in your day to day life, but it isn't easy for all of us.

Sometimes getting enough sleep is tricky. Whether it's because of insomnia, overactive thoughts or pain and discomfort, sleeping isn't always as easy as closing your eyes. There are however a few unusual tricks that can help you sleep that you may not have thought about before.


1. Leave your door open

A lot of us close our bedroom doors when we go to sleep, but apparently this creates poor ventilation that make it harder to relax. The build up of CO2 in a poorly ventilated room make people feel less relaxed while they sleep, and according to studies causes people to wake up more frequently in the night. By leaving the door ajar you are allowing fresh air to circulate, which helps you sleep better and more soundly through the night.

2. Get rid of that sleep tracker

Sure, knowing how long you sleep is helpful, but there is a limit. Tracking your sleep using one of those motion trackers can be useful if you are looking for a problem, but for the average person it can be the cause of an obsession that you don't need. It's creating more stress than you had in the first place, so just take it off and get as much sleep as you can.

3. Try out tai chi

Tai chi has been found to help insomnia by helping establish a relaxing routine over time. It helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, which helps you fall asleep at the same time each day. The slow-moving motions of tai chi are relaxing and research has shown that it benefits those with insomnia at a surprising rate.

There are also some even more unusual methods to getting better sleep...

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