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Her Slot Machine Hit The Jackpot, But The Casino Only Offered Her A Steak Dinner

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Katrina Bookman

It was the kind of moment we all dream of: Katrina Bookman had pulled the arm on her Sphinx Slot Machine and it announced she had hit the jackpot.

Bookman said she "can't even describe the feeling" of her win. "It's like my whole body just got numb." In all her excitement, Bookman still managed to snap a smiling photo with the game's screen, which said she had won $42,949,672.

But to this day, Bookman is still waiting for her winnings, and the Resorts World Casino in Queens is determined not to give them to her.

The first sign of trouble came the next day, when Bookman returned to the casino to learn the exact value of her prize. A casino employee told a shocked Bookman that she hadn't won anything, before offering her $2.25 and a free steak dinner.

Bookman says she didn't accept either offer.


The single mother-of-four grew up in foster care, and was devastated to hear she wouldn't be winning her jackpot.

According to casino staff, the Sphinx machine malfunctioned, and was supposed to have a maximum prize of just $6,500.

The Resorts World Casino's floor.Just Luxe

"Casino personnel were able to determine that the figure displayed on the penny slot was the result of an obvious malfunction -- a fact later confirmed by the New York State Gaming Commission," a spokesman said.

But Bookman has her own side of the story, and she's taking the casino to court to get her jackpot.

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