Weather Service Issues "Small Dog Warning" Ahead Of Major Storm

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Weather Service Issues "Small Dog Warning" Ahead Of Major Storm


This winter has seen freaky weather strike from coast to coast, with arctic temperatures in the Midwest, heavy snow in the Northeast, and even a winter storm in Hawaii.

But a warning from the National Weather Service to pet owners in Ohio and Pennsylvania is just weird enough to make headlines of its own.

As the states braced for wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour on Tuesday, the weather agency issued an unofficial "small dog warning."

"Hold on to your pooch!" the agency wrote on Twitter, while also sharing that the storm could blow down trees, knock over power lines, or carry away trash cans.

While the post was meant as a joke, small dogs really have been known to get carried away in storms. And we don't just mean Dorothy's dog Toto, either!

A storm in Michigan in 2009 carried a six pound Chihuahua a mile away from his home. Thankfully, Tinker Bell was alive and well when her owners finally found her.

Toto Wizard of Oz
Toto knows the risk of staying outdoors in a twister, or even a regular storm.MGM

The Humane Society does recommend bringing dogs indoors when the wind starts to howl, but that's mainly because they're prone to running away and getting into trouble during bad weather.

While the states were battered by the harsh winds, there were thankfully no reports of dogs - or houses - being carried away by the storm.

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Have you ever seen a small dog get carried away in the wind?

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