5 Smart And Easy Ways To Make Money On The Side

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5 Smart And Easy Ways To Make Money On The Side

I don't think I've ever met anyone who wasn't interested in making more money, especially with the current state of the economy.

I work a full-time job with a competitive pay and benefits package, but even then I find it hard to cover all my bills and expenses and still have room in my budget to splurge on extra things.

I've been looking at ways to supplement my income so I can beef up my savings account in case of a rainy day.

Here are some awesome ideas to inspire your next side hustle:

1. Drive around with Uber

Your car and cell phone can be your ticket to making extra cash in your spare time.

Sign up as an Uber driving partner and you can be adding lots of extra cash to your income. The best part? You can set your own schedule, choose areas you'd like to drive in and get a higher fare when you take advantage of surge pricing hours. You'll also get paid weekly and the funds are automatically deposited into your bank account.

You can start an application and submit it here, and within days you'll be pocketing extra money as an Uber driver.

If people aren't your thing then sign up for UberEats and deliver food instead.

2. List your home with Airbnb

Letting strangers into your home sounds scary at first, but listing your home or a room through Airbnb is really safe if you're smart about it.

Airbnb is a company that connects travelers with local hosts through listings on their website.

As a host you'll be able to list your extra room, entire apartment or home to visitors for short and long periods of time. You get to determine your price based on location and amenities and you can choose to accept or decline requests as you see fit. You could earn thousands of dollars every year for being hospitable.

The website does a good job of ensuring that users are verified and a security deposit is held. In case your space incurs any damage, the guest(s) will pay for it.

If you're interested in sharing your space, you can learn more about the company and sign up to get started right away.

3. Get paid to shop online with Ebates

Similar to how you earn cash back when you buy groceries, you can also make money when you shop at your favorite stores through Ebates.

All you need to do to earn cash back is to click on a store's logo on the Ebates website, then carry on as usual. After your purchase, the store will notify Ebates and you will be awared your promised savings. When you're ready to cash out, you can request the amount to be sent by check or Paypal.

Give it a try and get a bonus on your first purchase. You can sign up right here.

4. Earn While You Surf and Watch TV!

By no means are you going to get rich doing surveys. But with InboxDollars you can make a few bucks to fuel your coffee habit or you can stack up some gift cards for just about any store.

Let's be honest - who doesn't like a free coffee or some extra spending cash to spoil yourself from time to time!

Signup for InboxDollars and they will let you earn rewards for watching TV (yes, really), read emails, shop online, surf the internet, complete surveys. With top payments of $25 for premium surveys. Some of their partners are Netfilix, Target, Walmart. This is a diverse platform that offers several ways to add $ to your entertainment fund.

Signup today!

5. Get Rewarded for your opinion

I never know what new products to buy in the store, there's always too much selection. Shopper's Voice is different this way. You can discover new products, by getting free samples sent to you. This let's you try before you buy. In addition you can earn money for participating in consumer research.

Signup Here

But, not everyone can get in. They'll only accept participants for a limited time. See if you qualify below. If you do, you can try the survey and get entered to win $1500. Easy.

Signup for Shopper' Voice Now!

Do you have a side gig? Let us know how you make extra money in the comments!

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