Giant Snowman Gives A Vandal A Taste Of His Own Medicine


Giant Snowman Gives A Vandal A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Facebook - Cody Lutz

"Do you want to build a snowman?"

Every parent has been asked that a million times from their children who likely watched Disney's Frozen on repeat. It's not the worst idea either. Snowmen are fun to make, provide an adorable decoration for the yard and also add an extra level of security.

That's right, I said security.

A family in Cincinnati, OH made news after their giant 9-ft snowman stopped a would-be vandal in its tracks. Cody Lutz, his fiance Lucy, and her sister decided to have some fun after a larger-than-average snowfall in the Ohio area.

"We were playing in the snow, she's from Mississippi so this is the most snow she's ever seen in her entire life," said Lutz.

If you've ever built a snowman, you know how it's done. You start with a small snowball and roll it around to make a larger round ball. That ball provides the foundation, make a few more until you're looking at your very own Frosty.

Cincinnati received almost half a foot of snow and Lutz wanted to make it a truly impressive snowman.

"I love the snow!" he told Fox news.

Using an old tree stump as a base instead of the standard snowball, Lutz and his family was able to make a towering 9-ft giant in their front yard. They shaved off the sides of the snow-covered stump to make it look more traditional.

Anyone looking at it would never know it had a wooden base, which ended up causing a world of grief for some joy-riding hooligan.

At some point on Monday, someone drove onto Lutz's property while it was unoccupied. Lutz came home from work and saw tire tracks all over his yard. They ended abruptly at the snowman he named Hugh.

"Instant Karma!" Lutz said. "It's hilarious. You know, what goes around comes around, in good ways and bad ways. SO i guess everyone learns a valuable lesson here from Frosty."

The tree stump would have done serious damage to whatever vehicle was used, but clearly it wasn't enough to stop it from escaping. The criminal will likely escape the long arm of the law, but he has already faced poetic justice.

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