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'Sons Of Anarchy' Spin-Off Will Be Bringing Back A Beloved Character

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Fans of the FX smash hit Sons of Anarchy are in for a treat, because the first glimpse of its spin-off has been released.

Set four years after its predecessor left off, Mayans MC will reportedly follow the story of Ezekiel 'EZ' Reyes in a "post Jax Teller world." Played by JD Pardo, EZ is a man fresh out of prison, who's making a name for himself as a prospect in the in SAMCRO's rival bike gang, the Mayans.

In an official synopsis released by FX, which stated: "EZ is the gifted son of a proud Latino family, whose American dream was snuffed out by cartel violence. Now, his need for vengeance drives him toward a life he never intended and can never escape."

The 10-episode season, which will have an all-Latino cast, had undergone 95% worth of reshoots in its pilot, concerning several fans.

Creator Kurt Sutter - who also Otto in the originally series - wrote on Twitter that the practice is commonplace in the entertainment business.

"This was the process for SOA. Shows Fox/FX's commitment to series. Allows me and [Elgin James] to improve cast, script, and direction!" Sutter tweeted.

"What it does for me is it allows me to watch it and then go what didn't work, what did work, and really do a big rewrite," Sutter added.

Luckily the production team's hard work paid off, as a glimpse of Mayan MC can be seen in FX's latest advertisement.

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