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Internet Famous Cop Popped The Question In A Big Way

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Little Rock Family

Our favorite cop from Little Rock, Arkansas is back in the news, except this time it is because of his personal life. Officer Tommy Norman, from the North Little Rock PD, recently proposed to his girlfriend, Rosalynd, on her 30th birthday.


Officer Norman rose to fame through his Instagram account, that chronicles his interactions with the community he patrols, a community he describes as "low income." He is a pillar of his community and he comports himself in a way that truly makes you appreciate the jobs that police officers can do for those that they serve and protect.


He met Rosalynd while they were both shopping at a local Walgreens. Rosalynd was already somewhat familiar with him because of his Instagram fame, and the two of them hit it off exchanging numbers.

Officer Norman didn't just fall in love with Rosalynd, but also with her 5-year-old son Riley.

"Rosalynd kind of made it clear early on in our relationship that if my relationship with Riley didn't really gel, then she probably wouldn't have been so eager to establish a long term relationship with me, because obviously she wanted her son to feel comfortable. His personality is very infectious and he trusts me with his mom and that really means a lot to me and her. [He knows] that I would take care of her, and not just keep her safe, but keep him safe as well," said Norman.

Little Rock Family
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