"Old Person Smell" Is Real, And It's Easy To Fix

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The Atlantic

There are a lot of things that start to become more and more of a concern as you get older. Your joints aren't moving quite as well as they used to, you find yourself getting tired more often than you once did, and even your memory starts to go a little bit at a time. Suffice it to say, it can be pretty stressful.


Of course, something that all of us are more than aware of is the concept of "old people smell." It's hard to describe on its own, but just about everybody can think of it, especially if they've dealt with aging relatives before. Many describe it as "musty" or "medicinal," but ultimately, it's something most people find really unpleasant.

The Atlantic

Fortunately, researchers have isolated several of the causes of "old people smell," and as a result, we've compiled a handy guide of tips to minimize how much of it you develop...

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