Sonic Has A Secret Pickle Menu, And The Options Are Limitless

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Sonic Has A Secret Pickle Menu, And The Options Are Limitless

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Pickle flavor is about as popular as ranch at this point. Everywhere you turn, people are adding pickles to whatever they can get their hands on. KFC even came out with a pickle-fried chicken to please the masses.

But it seems that KFC is not the only fast-food restaurant looking to capitalize on pickle fever that's taken over the country. Sonic recently added a Pickle Slush to their summer menu, which the chain claims "has a distinctly summertime vibe, allowing our guests to create new summer memories."

The slush was a hit among pickle lovers, which means this next piece of info will probably thrill them just as much. According to Scott Uehlein, the VP of Product Innovation and Development at Sonic, the pickle syrup used in the slush beverage can be put on anything.

"Pickle juice theoretically could go into anything "” anything that's a beverage, anything that's ice cream, it could get squirted on waffle fries, anything," Uehlein said. "You can do anything with it, not that you would."

That's right, you can add pickle syrup to anything from Sonic's menu...all you have to do is ask! For some items it seems a little more natural.

For example, a SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger sounds like it could benefit from a little bit of pickle juice.

Or maybe toss some on an All-American Hot Dog for that little bit of extra tang.

Then there's things like french fries that would probably taste good with the syrup, but would undoubtedly go soggy and ruin the entire experience.

And then there are the things you should absolutely NOT be adding pickle juice to.

Like a breakfast burrito.

Or an Oreo Cheesecake Master Shake.

In the end, you can add Sonic's pickle syrup to literally anything on their menu. Just be prepared to deal with the potential stomach consequences if you do.

What would you pickle-fy?

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