Soothe Your Sore Muscles With This Homemade Natural Rub

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Muscle soreness is not uncommon, especially after rigorous movements or heavy lifting. Sometimes you might also experience a sore back after sitting for long hours, sleeping in a weird position, or maintaining bad posture.

Usually time and a soak in the tub will bring you relief, but if you've been experiencing chronic pain in your muscles, then there could be a much more serious issue, like arthritis, the flu, fibromylgia, or lyme disease, that's causing it.

In addition to medication and stretches, there are other types of natural treatments that will relieve you of pain.


I recently found out that my back ache was being caused by the chair I've been sitting on at work. Although I was given a new chair, it took a while for the soreness in my back to cease, so to speed up the process I started using a homemade rub that works wonders.

The rub, made up of common ingredients you can find in your kitchen, works by penetrating deep into your muscles, forcing them to relax.

In addition to the muscles, this run will also soothe your bones and joints. Trust me, it is a lifesaver!

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