Girl's Haunting Version Of "Sound Of Silence" Will Give You Chills

Simon and Garfunkel were the most genius musical duo of our time. Their songs were filled with emotion, commentary, and an immeasurable amount of artistic talent. Their song Sound of Silence is looked at as one of the best, and is often covered by artists all over the world.

Most covers tend to be either poor attempts at duplicating the original, or so out there it doesn't even resemble the song. I remember when my grade 8 choir tried to cover the song, the conductor eventually scrapped it because it was almost insulting to Simon and Garfunkel.

Noise 11

However, Jadyn Rylee's cover of the beloved song is one for the ages. At just 11 years old, Rylee manages to capture more emotion in her cover than many musicians can hope to achieve in their lifetime. Hearing the song from the voice of a child provides a new perspective that isn't often heard in covers.

Take a listen to Jadyn's rendition of Sound of Silence. She's already earned more than 7 million views on the video, and a total of over 22 million on her YouTube channel in general. The budding Canadian musician is hoping to break out on the big scene one day, and this video is pretty good evidence she has a chance!