Spending Time With Grand Children Affects Grandma's Brains

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Spending Time With Grand Children Affects Grandma's Brains

Grandmas are the best. Spending time at your grandmother's house when you were a kid was always the most fun time. They would spoil you with the best toys, the yummiest snacks and all the love you could possibly want.

Research has been done to see how this time with grand kids actually impacts the grandparents and the results are pretty incredible.

The study shows that there is a direct benefit to the grandmother's brain activity if she helps out with raising her grandchildren.

They have suspected this for a long time as social inclusion is important to keep a brain healthy, but this study has given definitive proof. The study found that having a grandmother spend the day with her grandchild will let her score higher on cognitive tests than those who didn't.

There is a slight catch to consider before you call up your mom and ask her to babysit. If a grandma was watching the kids for five or more days a week her ability to score highly on the test will be reduced. She actually will end up doing worse on the tests than those who spend no time with grand kids.

Balance is key, but it's nice to know that spending time as a family is good for everyone!