11 Signs A Spirit Is Trying To Contact You

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11 Signs A Spirit Is Trying To Contact You


Getting in touch with the spirit world is something a lot of people try to do. Whether it's contacting a lost family member, or trying to speak to the spirits living in your home, millions of people try their hand at reaching the other side.

But that road can go both ways. There are spirits on the other side who often try to come in contact with us, but we can't always read the signs.  

Pay attention to these signs and see if you've been missing any messages from the other side.

1. Flickering Lights

Those who believe in the afterlife swear that spirits are able to manipulate electricity, which is why flickering lights and exploding bulbs are considered a sign of supernatural beings.

That doesn't mean that every time your light bulb flickers that you're being visited by a spirit, of course. But if you notice patterns in the electrical activity, or have new light bulbs that burn out quickly, it's time to consider the possibility you've got visitors.

2. Shadows

Unexplained shadows out of the corner of your eye can be a sign of a ghost or spirit visiting you. The sudden movement can be their way of trying to get your attention, but because spirits are not always visible, they can only do so with shadows.

3. Smells

Your nose knows. A sudden burst of a floral or pleasant scent, without any reasonable explanation, often means a spirit is present. The spirit is a happy one, which is why it's bringing you pleasant smells.

That being said, a foul odor unexpectedly appearing is the sign of a negative presence.

4. Items Of Loved Ones

When a loved one passes over, they cannot bring their belongings with them. If you find yourself rediscovering old objects from a loved one who is no longer with us, it's their way of trying to stay in your life.

It could be as simple as finding an old ring of your mother's that she wore every day, or as big as driving by the house your parents lived in while heading to an appointment. These items and memories that pop up are not random.

5. Temperature Changes

How often do you sit at home and feel a chill or random hot flash? This is from a supernatural presence trying to get your attention. The spirit will most likely try to get in touch with everyone in the room, but it's possible you are the only person who experiences it.

6. Sounds

Hearing faint whispers or voices when you're alone is a sure sign that a spirit is trying to get in touch with you.

Music, whispers, voices, and other unexplained sounds tend to come from one area of your house, which is an area important to the spirit.

7. Objects At Your Feet

When you're walking down the street and come across unexpected objects, like a coin or lost trinket, it is almost always sent from a spirit trying to make you aware of their presence. Small objects that appear at your feet should not be taken lightly, as they are often a message from someone who has moved on.

8. Animal Sensitivity

Animals are hyper-aware of their surroundings, and can often see or hear things that we can't. If you notice your pet is staring at the same place frequently or is whining about something that isn't there, consider the possibility that they're looking at something you cannot see.

9. Clocks Stopping

When a perfectly good clock stops working, there is usually a supernatural reason behind it. The time it gets stuck on holds significant meaning, either to the you or to the spirit who has stopped it.

10. Butterflies

An ancient Chinese proverb says that butterflies are symbolic of those who have left Earth starting a new life. Seeing a butterfly soon after a loved one's passing is their way of sending you a message that they have passed on.

11. Dreams

A dream is the most common way that a spirit is trying to get in touch with you. Recurring dreams are a message from someone who has passed on, and they shouldn't be ignored. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, try writing them down so that you can go over them afterwards.

Have you ever been visited by a spirit?

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